2021 Hiring Resolution #1: Resist Bargain-Basement Background Checks!

This past year much has changed in regard to how we operate businesses and manage workforces. Companies were forced to implement unprecedented changes in order to survive. A shift to WFH (Work From Home) was one of the biggest adjustments made by businesses. As a result, better screening of new hires may be more important than ever. However, don’t be fooled by bargain-basement background checks, which could leave you vulnerable when hiring, and here are some reasons why…

Access to Company Information

It’s important to keep in mind that new hires will be the next generation of gatekeepers for your sensitive business information. In a WFH environment, the risks are more pronounced. An employee who has access to customer data, company financials and other protected information is in a position to do harm to your company. This means having an accurate picture of who you are hiring is essential, and having a quality vendor conduct your pre-employment background checks should be your first line of defense.

Less Monitoring

You need to be able to trust your people. Gauging an employee’s trustworthiness and reliability should always start with their background check. A remote worker isn’t being physically monitored by a supervisor at an office. So, an even greater amount of trust is being given to your new employees. Verifying a candidate’s education, previous employment and any criminal history is the foundation on which this trust can be built.

Loyalty Concerns

When a workforce goes remote, the lack of organizational engagement can create issues. This lack of physical connection to your culture can result in a decrease in company loyalty. And a lower degree of loyalty means less protection afforded your sensitive business information. This can happen with current employees, but especially new hires.

Having a quality background check program is vital. So, don’t be fooled by low-cost, sub-par pre-employment screening offers which provide nothing more than a false sense of security. A background check is more than just a box that needs to be ticked when hiring someone new. It’s an investment in your company and it helps ensure you onboard the most trustworthy employees. Not a bad resolution for 2021!