5 Steps HR Must Take To Build A Digital Workplace, Remote Harassment Is Pervasive – How Should Employers Address It? and Employers Receive Mixed Messages as Courts Review COVID-19 Vaccine Rules

In this week’s highlights we’ll cover:  5 steps HR will need to take to build a digital workplace; the best ways to handle remote work harassment; how employers are moving forward despite mixed messages about vaccine rules.

5 Steps HR Must Take To Build A Digital Workplace

Creating a collaborative environment demands partnership with IT and facilities management and a key role from human resources.

As the pandemic-driven demand for digital transformation continues to spread, digital workplace strategies are growing in importance inside U.S. organizations. In fact, according to Gartner research, 52% of organizations had a digital strategy in place in 2020 compared to 33% in 2018; meanwhile, 27% had an informal plan in place last year compared to 30% in 2018.

Just what is a digital workplace strategy? Adam Preset, vice president and analyst for employee experience technologies at Gartner, defined it as “a business strategy that leverages an engaging and intuitive work environment to boost workforce digital dexterity—the ambition and ability to apply technology to improve business capabilities.”

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Remote Harassment Is Pervasive. How Should Employers Address It?

We’re hearing more about harassment in the workplace these days than it seems ever before, even as companies move to remote environments. But does this mean that harassment has increased? Not necessarily. It likely means that harassment issues aren’t being tolerated like they were in the past.

In recent years, employees have started seeing harassment for what it is, and how pervasive and damaging it can be — and they realize they don’t have to tolerate it any more. Before public platforms like social media, employees were left with little recourse to unresolved or ignored issues: keep quiet and deal with it, or find another job. Today, though, employees who aren’t seeing resolutions, or who have been retaliated against, or who weren’t believed, can expose what’s really going on behind those closed doors of their organization.

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Employers Receive Mixed Messages As Courts Review COVID-19 Vaccine Rules 

Biden administration asked appeals court to lift hold on vaccine-or-testing directive

The federal government and some state leaders want to require certain workers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus (or at least test weekly for COVID-19), while other state leaders seek to ban such mandates or expand exemptions. Many employers are confused about how to move forward as courts consider legal challenges to various federal and state directives.

Although the federal vaccine-or-testing rule is on hold, the Biden administration has asked a federal appeals court to reinstate the requirement, and employers should note that many other directives remain in place.

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