7 Staffing Trends To Watch In 2022, 5 Indicators Of Employee Resignation & Ways To Prevent It and Building The Perfect HR Professional

In this week’s highlights we’ll cover:  7 staffing trends to watch in 2022; 5 indicators of employee resignation & ways to prevent it; and building the perfect HR professional

7 Staffing Trends To Watch In 2022

A job seekers’ market means HR teams need to be creative to sell a desirable workplace environment, one staffing company CEO writes.

Ten million. That’s the number of workers United States businesses need to fill job openings. Yet, only 8.4 million people are seeking work, according to the most recent data. Everyone thought pandemic benefits ending would send workers back to the market. Then we thought a pay increase would be the panacea. Yes, there was a small bump. But now what? As we roll into 2022, here are the staffing trends we’re watching that could influence these figures.

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5 Indicators Of Employee Resignation And Ways To Prevent It

When employee turnover is high, numerous issues arise. In 2019, it has cost US industries $630 billion through impaired productivity, higher operational costs, and lower employee morale. 

If we also consider the fact that 51% of employees are actively looking for a new position at any given time, it becomes vital to raise our awareness about the indicators of employee resignation, and do our best to improve our retention rates.

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Building The Perfect HR Professional

These are the 5 essential traits HR practitioners must have right now.

The workplace was supposed to be back to normal by now. Instead, the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic continues, putting new pressures on HR executives who were already pushed to the limit accommodating employees’ often extraordinary needs and keeping businesses running. Employees are still anxious, scared and frustrated. Now they’re also becoming increasingly burned out and restless as the public health crisis wears on. 

Meanwhile, the Great Resignation is in full swing, leaving HR professionals striving to keep current employees happy and engaged so they stay with the company, while also seeking new workers in one of the tightest labor markets in years.

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