A Bad Apple A Day Will Keep The Customers Away

When it comes to working with someone who seems to spoil it for the bunch, we’ve all been there. And, as a hiring professional or small business owner, you’re also probably aware those bad apples come with a hefty price tag. According to a Gallup poll, employee turnover can cost a company anywhere from one-half to two times an employee’s annual salary. Making bad hiring decisions can cost an organization substantially more though. They can have a negative impact on company culture and morale. Productivity is also affected when others have to pick up the slack for a new hire that is unwilling to do their share. This leads to superstar employees potentially leaving, taking their talent with them.

Protecting your brand image is paramount and just remember, bad apples are often bad for business. Their interactions with customers and other businesses can be cringe-worthy. Your company deserves better! To help weed out these characters, your hiring process should always include a thorough background check. It’s also important to scrutinize applicants’ resumes for fraud. Another valuable tool to utilize when hiring, according to the Harvard Business Journal, is assessing for ‘signs of civility’ during the interview process. Asking an applicant how they’ve handled past situations, eliciting feedback from anyone who interacts with the applicant, such as a receptionist, and speaking with references will also provide useful information. Hunting for the perfect candidate, getting them interviewed, vetted and on-boarded requires a lot of time and energy so make sure they’re worthy of your company!

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