All Aboard! It’s Time to Reboard

If your company has found itself doing more reboarding than onboarding lately, you’re not alone. A vast number of employers are ushering back in laid-off and furloughed employees, and these different return-to-work scenarios require different background check solutions.

For example, a laid-off employee may need a more comprehensive background check then a furloughed employee would. It’s also a good idea to confirm your furloughed employees’ authorization and disclosure forms are on file. Lastly, be sure to have laid-off employees sign new paperwork andremember to be consistent with your hiring policies to ensure FCRA compliance. These are all best practices when conducting background checks on your returning workforce.

When your business needs assistance with employment screening, criminal checks, FCRA compliance, drug screening, education and employment verification, driving records (MVR), credit checks or social security number validation, contact the Swailes Background Team to get quickly signed up.