Are Your Applicants Lying More On Their Resumes?

With unemployment numbers still high, it’s reasonable to assume that people may lie more frequently on their resumes. Therefore, it might be useful to know how often it was happening before the most recent unemployment numbers hit. Interestingly, a 2020 survey by ResumeLab polled and calculated the results of over 1,500 American workers. They found that 93% of people knew someone who lied on their resume. They also found that only 30% ever got caught. The survey also looked at the systemic reasons why people lie, and found the number one reason was long-term unemployment.

This means instances of resume fraud were pretty high even before Pandemic level unemployment numbers hit. Having an experienced and trusted background check vendor handle your pre-employment screenings will help uncover some of the fiction people submit on their applications. Additionally, it might be beneficial to give applicants an up-front opportunity to describe any recent breaks in employment, knowing this will undoubtedly be a driver in resume fraud in the coming months as people continue to compete for fewer jobs!

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