Image of shopping bag that says Oh Yeah! It's FREE

Free is Good…But for Employment Screening?

Is it good for you?

You’re walking around an HR conference and there’s free promotional swag everywhere.  Ah yes….nice koozies, a branded USB drive, keychains, cool fidget spinners, and if you’re lucky a nifty tote bag with a (hopefully subdued) logo slapped on the side. Vendors love giving these goodies away as long as they get a little bit of your attention.  A transparent and fair trade.

Now change the venue and imagine you’re cruising the internet and there are vendors offering HR representatives free stuff. Unlike the conference, the trade offs are not so clear.  Do they just want a bit of your attention or is there something else they want?

In these circumstances a cautionary quote about the internet comes to mind:

“When it’s free, you may be the product.

And when it comes to a free or low cost employment screening, your applicant’s information may be the end game.

Ultimately you’ll need to decide if free or lowest cost is a good option for you based on your company’s needs.  And while we admit we may be biased, we think it’s better to just keep the nifty tote bag from the conference and say “no thanks” to instant or cheap employment screening offers.  Just our two cents!

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