Covid Litigation – Here’s How Your Company Could Avoid It

In the midst of a pandemic, the fear of employment litigation seems daunting, especially to small businesses. It’s more fear added to the pile of anxiety already on your plates. However, you can reduce that fear by remaining up to date on Covid-related legal issues. Some of these include providing a safe work environment, avoiding claims regarding discrimination, virus-related leave, retaliation, whistle blower and wage/hour issues. Communication is key, so thoroughly discussing a detailed return-to-work plan with your lawyer will help mitigate risk. Making sure the rest of your employees are in the loop and feeling connected is also important.

And while you’re creating new policies to cover Coronavirus concerns, it’s also not a bad idea to perform a quick reappraisal of your hiring and recruiting practices to ensure FCRA and EEOC compliance. A qualified background check vendor should be able to quickly answer your questions to help ensure your recruiting and hiring doesn’t become an unexpected legal battle. For a more detailed overview of employment litigation trends and 3 proactive steps you can take to avoid legal battles related to Covid-19, read here!

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