HR Supportive Culture

HR Leader’s Secret Formula for Crisis – 5 Key Ingredients

The job description for a Human Resource professional can be extensive.  The position is far reaching & requires the ability to wear multiple hats.  Multi-tasking is what they’re good at, and dealing with challenges is a normal day at the office!  However, now that THE CRISIS has arrived, HR leaders find themselves uniquely qualified to meet an emerging need – creating a new type of supportive work culture.  Covid-19 has presented an opportunity for leaders to innovate and improve their workplace culture, models & systems. 

If having to wear another hat at work sounds a bit daunting, especially given your current hat collection, don’t worry it’s actually simpler than you think.  Here is a brief article by Tracy Keogh, Chief Human Resources Officer at Hewlett Packard with 5 key ingredients to create a supportive work culture during a crisis.  If you only read one article this week – read Tracy’s insights!

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