Hurdles In Background Checks – Have We Cleared Them?

As companies continue to compete for good candidates, we thought we would provide some updates on reasons for background check slow-downs. As restrictions have decreased, overall so have many pandemic-related hiring hurdles.  And although some slow-downs may be lingering in certain areas, as a whole we have seen an improvement in background check quality and turn-around times. Here are some updates:

Court Closures – Fortunately, instances of pandemic-related court closures have decreased since last year. This has had a positive impact on background check speeds. Most slow-downs we’ve noticed are often tied to regional Covid-19 rates. Being up-to-date on local information can help set realistic expectations on turn-around times. A good vendor, however, should have alternative solutions to recommend when these situations occur.

International Searches – A background check that requires inquiries from another part of the world can take longer. While this is not always the case, sometimes the types of records being requested and their country of origin can dictate the length of time. Also keep in mind some jurisdictions don’t even allow access to criminal conviction records. International searches may also be impacted by infection and vaccination rates. While we have seen a modest improvement in verification speeds for some countries, it’s good to keep in mind that most are not on pace with the inoculation rates in the United States. As such, delays are possible. A good background check partner however can give you insights into the international complexities on any given applicant background when it’s entered.

Employment & Education Verifications – Many employment and education verifications are automated now, which helps speed things along. However, if it’s a smaller employer, or one that’s now out of business, then the verification may be more challenging. Businesses that did not survive this past year due to the pandemic have compounded the issue. Mergers, name changes or corporate relocations can also impact the verification process, but your vendor should be giving you timely updates as well as quick strategies as to work-arounds.

Workflow Problems – Data-entry errors can always slow down the process. This is where a solid background check provider will step in to ease your workload. By doing so, you will experience less delays. Our team for example, immediately customizes an application portal with a company’s logo and branding for an applicant to use.  An applicant is then immediately sent an email with secure log-in details and instructions.  This will start the background process and results will be provided to you sooner. This not only saves you time, but shields you from reviewing identifiers (i.e. date of birth) which could create needless liability. We’ve also found that it encourages applicants to remain engaged throughout the process and keeps them informed on any issues.

Hopefully these updates on background check processes were helpful.  An established and knowledgeable vendor should be able to help you clear some hiring hurdles. For more information on background checks go here!

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