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Summer Hires – Don’t Get Burned

Summer is right around the corner and seasonal hiring is increasing. Temporary workers are being brought on board to fulfill the increase in work demand. Unfortunately many places of business fail to perform employment screening. Forgoing this step may save some time, but it could end up costing your business. Screening temporary workers is every bit as important as screening full-timers. Here’s why:

Theft – Theft is committed more frequently by dishonest employees than by customers. Remember, some of these temporary workers may have access to cash drawers and/or large amounts of merchandise. These factors, in addition to less-available supervision, can lead to tempting scenarios. In turn, this can result in higher rates of employee theft.

Transition to Full-Time – Many seasonal workers end up transitioning to full-time employment. If an employer views the initial hiring as strictly temporary, then they might skip the employment screening. This is a mistake. Temporary and volunteer positions provide an opportunity for someone with a disqualifying employment screening to slide into an organization.

Less Invested in Your Company – Seasonal workers may be excited to start working at your business, but keep in mind, they aren’t as invested as your full-time employees. They also haven’t had time to build loyalty to your company. As such, they might be less concerned about the impact their actions have on your business.

Protect Your Company – Protecting your company is not only about maintaining your brand, it’s also about keeping your employees safe. Not performing employment screenings is risky. You need to know who you are bringing onto your team, even if they will only be there temporarily. It only takes a moment for an individual to bring substantial harm to your company. For you however, repairing the damage will take much longer. Making sure you’ve screened everyone you’ve brought on board can help reduce your risk.

Summer hires can make great temporary additions and provide help with everything from customer service to order fulfillment. However, the above-referenced reasons help establish why these temporary workers should always be employment screened. Spending a little extra time performing due diligence on everyone you bring on board this season is well worth it. Plus, it’s a way of ensuring there will be one less thing for you and your loyal employees to worry about this year!

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