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Shame On You. Social Media Snooping On Job Applicants.

Recruiting new talent can be an arduous and expensive journey to find the best candidate for your company. Having a structured recruiting process in place, even if you’re a small company, can maximize your time, save money and reduce risk. One way to achieve the first two is by incorporating the use of social media. This valuable and cost effective tool used by HR leaders, recruiters, managers and other hiring professionals to recruit both active and passive candidates is referred to as social recruiting. However, while using social media can be a useful instrument in attracting new talent, it should also be handled with care as utilizing it in other ways can be tempting, but risky.

For instance, it’s important to be able to distinguish between social recruiting and using social media to screen candidates when designing your recruiting process. This will help reduce the risk of Title VII compliance issues on your end. There are vendors that offer social media employment screening, but be careful if using this in your hiring decisions. So, understanding the distinction between social recruiting and social media snooping is crucial. This will assist you in making fair and compliant hiring decisions, as you utilize social media to attract great job candidates!

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