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Should Your New Hires Fit Your Brand?

Are you staying true to your brand? During the hiring process sometimes considerations like an applicant’s fit within the company’s culture, and their ability to contribute to brand cohesion, become lost in the background. When this happens it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. HR and hiring managers are key players in building a strong company brand, and as it turns out, this is one of the biggest drivers of attracting candidates. A study conducted by Hinge Research Institute found there’s a few simple things that will help solidify a strong employer brand; cultivating your culture, customizing messages and appealing to passive job applicants are a few of their findings. Incorporating these into your recruiting process will entice higher quality candidates that are a better fit for your company.  

A crucial part of building a strong company, once you’ve attracted the talent you’re looking for, is properly vetting the applicants with a quality background check. It’s important to ensure the people you hire have integrity and reflect your company’s core values, as your culture will attract the types of potential hires you’ve been wanting to interview! Your employees are representatives of your organization, so making sure they accurately mirror the company brand will ultimately strengthen both your company and recruiting process.

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