Summer Hires – Don’t Get Burned

As the summer season approaches, businesses are ramping up their hiring efforts to meet the surge in demand. Temporary workers are being recruited to fulfill these seasonal needs. However, it’s concerning that many businesses overlook the crucial step of employment screening for these temporary hires. While skipping this process may seem like a time-saving measure, it can ultimately prove to be costly for your business. Here’s why screening temporary workers is just as vital as screening full-time employees:

Theft Risk: Statistics show that employee theft occurs more frequently than theft by customers. Temporary workers, who often have access to cash registers and valuable merchandise, may be tempted to engage in dishonest behavior, especially when supervision is less stringent during busy periods. This can lead to increased incidents of employee theft, posing a significant risk to your business.

Transition to Full-Time: Many seasonal workers aspire to transition to full-time employment with the company. If employers perceive the initial hiring as temporary and skip the employment screening process, they overlook the potential for these temporary workers to become permanent staff members. Neglecting to screen temporary or volunteer positions could allow individuals with disqualifying backgrounds to enter the organization unnoticed.

Lack of Investment: Unlike full-time employees who have developed a sense of loyalty and commitment to the company over time, seasonal workers may not feel as invested in the organization. They may view their temporary employment as short-term and consequently be less concerned about the impact of their actions on the company’s reputation and success.

Company Protection: Safeguarding your company involves more than just preserving its brand reputation; it’s also about ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees. Neglecting employment screenings poses a significant risk as it leaves your company vulnerable to potential harm caused by unvetted individuals. Taking the time to screen every individual you hire, even for temporary positions, can mitigate these risks and protect your business from potential harm.

While summer hires can provide valuable assistance across various departments, it’s crucial to prioritize employment screening for all temporary workers. Investing a little extra time in conducting thorough due diligence on every hire this season will pay off in the long run. It not only provides peace of mind for you and your dedicated employees but also ensures one less concern to worry about as you navigate the busy summer months ahead.

When your business seeks support in various crucial aspects like employment screening, criminal background checks, adherence to FCRA regulations, drug screening, verification of education and employment history, examination of driving records (MVR), credit assessments, or validation of social security numbers, reach out to the Swailes Background Team for prompt enrollment and comprehensive assistance.

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