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How Background Checks Can Improve Diversity & Inclusion

The landscape of American business continues to evolve, and whether you’re bringing your coffee to your small business on Main Street, or grabbing some Joe at the corporate cafeteria over on Wall Street, the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace has become an increasingly important one. To some, D & I may just […]

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3 HR Mistakes in Employment Screening

In our experience, there are 3 mistakes HR teams commonly make in criminal record searches: 1) Google the applicant (and God forbid) finding a criminal record outside of the law (FCRA) 2) Searching only local records and missing other areas of residency or work 3) Not doing a criminal check at all! Take a look […]

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The Good the Bad and Your Volunteers

The past couple years has created a demand for volunteers that continues to balloon. Fortunately, the increasing number of new challenges and needs that are being experienced by so many are being addressed by nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in our communities. However, with charitable work comes the responsibility of ensuring the safety of your organization, […]


What’s The Hold Up On Your Background Check? We’ll Tell You

One of the most frequently asked questions businesses have when it comes to background checks is, “How long will they take?” The answer is; it depends on a number of factors. And being aware of them helps a hiring employer have more realistic expectations when it comes to turnaround times. If your vendor hasn’t already […]


The Right Candidate Is Worth The Wait – Don’t Rush The Process

You believe you’ve finally found your star candidate for the job. It took a while, but it was well worth the wait. The candidate seems like the perfect fit and now you just need to get them down the final stretch. As you’re finalizing their background/reference checks, the candidate lets you know they’ve received another […]

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Ban the Box in Texas? You Better Saddle Up

While Ban the Box legislation isn’t new, the sentiment continues to gain momentum. For those not aware of the term “Ban the Box”, it is an effort to limit questions about a person’s criminal history during the hiring process. While there has been a peppering of state, local and federal laws throughout the country, Texas […]