Keep Your Background Check Compliant!

Are you conducting parts of your pre-employment background check in-house and vending parts out to a consumer reporting agency (CRA)?  While it may save you a few dollars, there are associated risks, for example: 1. You may obtain information you cannot legally consider in employment decisions2. You forfeit the protection provided by your CRA on portions of […]


Is Your Vendor Putting You at Risk by Violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Vetting a vendor who performs background checks is important. This is particularly true when entering into a contractual agreement or being part of a buyout where a new company requires you to use their current vendor. Assuming the background check vendor is following FCRA regulations can be a mistake. To help protect your company, here […]

Covid-Tax-Credit-OSHA-Women Workers

Cutting the Employee Retention Tax Credit Short, OSHA Updates on preventing Covid-19 in the workplace and the best ways employers can help working mothers.

In this week’s highlights we’ll cover how the latest infrastructure bill could cut the Employee Retention Tax Credit Short, OSHA’s latest updates on Covid-19 prevention in the workplace and changes employers can make to assist working mothers Infrastructure Bill Would Cut the Employee Retention Tax Credit Short The legislation also eases requirements for pension funding […]


Top Four Things To Spot A Great Background Check Provider

Are all background check providers basically the same? Most people think so, but no, they’re not. The quality of information and service provided can actually be quite different. So, how do you spot a good one? Here are the top four things to look for! Customized Package – Many pre-employment screeners will prompt you to […]


Criminal Records – What’s Fair Game In Texas Hiring?

A periodic review of your hiring policies is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to ensuring compliance with the applicable laws. If your business is just starting up a background program, then being informed about and adhering to the following hiring laws is even more crucial. A couple to be aware of are: […]


Should Your Background Screenings Be “One and Done”?

In an effort to reduce risk in the workplace, some organizations choose to conduct periodic background checks on their workers. This means the pre-employment screening process doesn’t stop at the front door. It continues periodically throughout the term of employment. Organizations that decide to conduct periodic background checks on employees often do so randomly, quarterly […]