Person stacking blocks with images resembling people on them. Akin to what an HR person does in an organization.

HR’s Expanding Role – Contributing to the New Company Blueprint

It’s clear our workplaces have been thrown into uncharted territories in the past couple years, often filled with uncertainty, HR has become increasingly more important. Playing an integral part in managing human capital means they are in tune with both organizational, as well as employee needs; a list of needs which continues to grow as […]

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Background Checks and Discriminatory Hiring

Worker rights continue to be more in focus, and as an HR (human resource) professional or a hiring manager, it is more important than ever to be knowledgable of discriminatory hiring practices. One of the most recent legislative landmarks recognizes the LGBTQ community. The Supreme Court’s expansion of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act […]

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How to Avoid Losing Your Job While Trying to Hire

Hiring the best suited candidate for the position is the goal, but the steps you take to reach that goal matter. Companies who utilize hiring assessments, and view them as useful tools in their selection process, may in fact be using risky screening methods that can land them in hot water. Ensuring assessments are non-discriminatory […]

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Temporary Workers & Contractors – Great for Business If…

Utilizing interns, gig workers and independent contractors became a useful solution for many companies during the pandemic. Being able to pay people to only do the work you need them to can save you money. However, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the people working for your company, even if they’re not actually full-time employees. […]


A Bad Apple A Day Will Keep The Customers Away

When it comes to working with someone who seems to spoil it for the bunch, we’ve all been there. And, as a hiring professional or small business owner, you’re also probably aware those bad apples come with a hefty price tag. According to a Gallup poll, employee turnover can cost a company anywhere from one-half […]


It Takes A Village – Childcare Solutions At Work!

In the midst of the Coronavirus, the old adage “it takes a village” when raising children, has changed as interaction with each other continues to be limited. Parents needing to return to work are searching for solutions during this childcare crisis. As such, many employers are coming up with creative ways to assist their employees. […]