Words resembling a hand with the words criminal background repeated.

Can Background Checks Protect Your Company?

Here’s a good list of things for you to consider: Workplace Theft – Workplace theft reportedly costs U.S. companies $50 billion dollars a year, and of that, small businesses are disproportionality hit at 68%. Negligent Hiring Lawsuits – A thorough background check by a quality company is the best defense against a negligent hiring lawsuit.  […]


Why Recognition Matters in the Workplace, EEOC, DOL and other Federal Agencies Sign Pact with Mexico to Protect Mexican Workers’ Rights Here & Your Employees Are Your Best Defense Against Cyberattacks

In this week’s highlights we’ll cover why recognition matters in the workplace, the federal agencies involved in signing a new pact with Mexico to protect workers’ rights & why your employees are the best defense against cyberattacks. Why Recognition Matters in the Workplace When employees feel valued at work, it increases engagement, productivity, and even […]