The Key To A Successful Holiday Season Will Be Flexible Staffing, 6 HR Lessons From Microsoft’s CHRO and What Causes Hybrid Workplaces to Fail?

In this week’s highlights we’ll cover why flexible staffing is the key to a successful holiday season, 6 HR lessons from Microsoft’s CHRO and why hybrid workplaces fail.

The Key To A Successful Holiday Season Will Be Flexible Staffing

For small employers, flexibility and adjustable hours are factors to compete on now that workers’ demands are changing, writes Sumir Meghani, CEO and co-founder of Instawork.

From hotels and large event venues to local restaurants and retail, all businesses are bracing for a challenging holiday season marked by a perfect storm of surging demand and staffing shortages. September data shows 10.9 million job openings for 8.4 million unemployed people, and exit rates among those employed remain shockingly high. 

“The labor shortage shows no signs of easing, and things will likely get even tighter as businesses compete for seasonal help,” said Kelsey Sheehy, small business specialist at NerdWallet.

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6 HR Lessons From Microsoft’s CHRO

HRE’s 2021 HR Executive of the Year Kathleen Hogan shares her advice for other HR leaders.

Kathleen Hogan, executive vice president, human resources, and chief people officer at Microsoft, knows what it takes to be a successful HR leader: She’s helped transform Microsoft’s culture to make it one of the biggest success stories in recent history. She’s navigated a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, ensuring the company’s 175,000 employees are safe, healthy, productive and innovative. She’s helped transition the majority of employees to working remotely. And she’s been named HRE’s 2021 HR Executive of the Year.

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Working From The Office And Working Remote…What Causes Hybrid Workplaces to Fail?

“What causes hybrid workplaces to fail?”

A variety of talent pros weighed in to answer that question. From overwhelming tech-stack options to the formation of two company cultures, there are numerous ways things can go wrong in a hybrid environment.

“Anything Goes” Doesn’t Actually Go

Hybrid workplaces have the potential to address the needs employees have for flexibility, particularly as safety and wellbeing are at the forefront of the employee experience. Done right, they can be the perfect balance of inclusiveness, collaboration, flexibility, and productivity. 

Where hybrid workplaces go wrong is taking an “anything goes” approach. Without a framework for how and when people work and interact, some will be left out of conversations, decisions, and opportunities.

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