The Right Candidate Is Worth The Wait – Don’t Rush The Process

You believe you’ve finally found your star candidate for the job. It took a while, but it was well worth the wait. The candidate seems like the perfect fit and now you just need to get them down the final stretch. As you’re finalizing their background/reference checks, the candidate lets you know they’ve received another job offer. Sound familiar? As you well know, this type of scenario can feel like a hiring manager’s nightmare. However, some HR professionals say it doesn’t have to be. Instead of reacting to the situation and cutting corners, some HR professionals advise taking a step back and slowing down. Panicking and asking the candidate to hold on so you can rush past those final critical steps might result in a bad hire.

For example, skipping verifications of employment/education or rushing to find a background check vendor who can provide you with instant or unverified results can be very risky. By expediting and shortcutting the process you could end up hiring the wrong person who could expose your company to a negligent-hiring lawsuit. It’s better to discuss with your legal counsel a contingent hiring possibility or take a deep breath. You can avoid these types of scenarios and deliver a well-vetted employee to your company if you’re willing to have a little patience and trust your hiring process. If your star candidate is really as shiny as you think and the right fit for your company, then they’ll be worth the time!

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