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Filling Requirements Instead Of Roles for Today’s Recruiting

The talent you’ve been looking for is probably closer than you think. Work design strategy is one pivotal tool that forward–thinking companies like Unilever & American Express, in addition to some small businesses, have been utilizing to make quicker and even better hiring decisions. For example, you might be looking for an individual with strong technical skills but who can also effectively communicate to various audiences. This combination could limit your applicant pool and delay your hiring. However, using these re-design strategies will allow you to simplify work roles into smaller parts, thereby broadening your number of qualified candidates. Your recruitment possibilities are increased when you start looking at your staffing needs instead of hunting for that one rare candidate who possesses all of the requirements for a specific role.  

As part of that process it’s also imperative you re-evaluate any employment screening needs that may have changed as a result of an employee’s role shifting within your company, or bringing in part-time workers. A few examples might be an employee from a different department being brought in to temporarily help with transportation, which would require running an MVR (driving record), a person being employed to work with vulnerable populations needing a more extensive background check or possibly placing someone in a safety position for the first time that would require regular drug screening. Ensuring your background checks are in line with the requirements being fulfilled, will help mitigate risk.

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