Boy with glasses and question marks

Want to Find A Better Candidate? Ask Better Questions

You’ve found a great candidate on paper and maybe even had a brief phone conversation. Now it’s time for the face to face, or screen to screen, and you’re wishing you had some better quality interview questions. Sure what you have will work, if you’re goal is to hear the sound of this applicant’s voice. But if you’d like to gain a more in depth understanding of who they are as a person, what they value, which job skills they possess and how they’ve operated at their previous employer then you need questions to elicit that information.

Without knowing how they’re going to fit in with your organization’s diverse tribe of personalities, curating a new collection of interview questions is imperative. This short article by HR Bartender provides some creative examples for you, even if you’ve already created a nice compilation of interview questions. It’s always good to freshen it up or add a new one to the list!

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