Will Court Closures During Covid-19 Stall Background Checks? Maybe Not

When articles like the one below announce courthouse closures, or rather re-closures at this point, companies may worry their background checks will be negatively impacted. Will results slow to a snail’s pace? Losing a great candidate to a competitor is a concern, and this is likely to happen if background checks are unable to be performed in a timely manner. This is why partnering with a pre-employment screening vendor who can provide you with creative solutions is crucial.  

A provider may have direct access to court records or some other workaround for you. For instance, if local records are unavailable, a reasonable solution might be to run state-wide indices, if your vendor has that level of access. A company who has found a great candidate may also want to consider doing a contingency-hire if court records you need are being restricted temporarily. Of course, you should coordinate this language and process with your legal team first. These are just a few solutions to keep in mind if you’ve been concerned lately about Covid-19’s impact in slowing down your background checks and hiring process!

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