You Assumed Your Employees Would Return…Will They?

The notion of sidelined employees anxiously awaiting the “return to work” announcement might have been an erroneous assumption by many companies. Home bound employees with a sudden glut of time on their hands, coupled with a feeling of disconnectedness, may have found themselves exploring greener pastures as they perused the internet. In the midst of our current crisis many companies may have neglected to see the needs of their current workforce, as larger issues loomed, like keeping the company afloat.

As organizations begin to re-open, employee retention should be top of mind. You don’t want to lose institutional knowledge as well as the time, expense and training that’s been invested; however if you find yourself having to replace an employee don’t neglect running a proper background investigation. If you’re able to steer some stragglers back to the herd, this article will provide some useful tips and shows them there’s no need to search for greener pastures!

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