Frustrated with your current background check program?

You’re not alone.  Many HR leaders express concerns about their screening process or their current vendor. The Top 3 frustrations we hear:

Impact to Hiring Talent

Losing applicants or delays in on-boarding due to a slow background check​ process.

Cost vs Quality

Cost per employment screening is increasing and quality seems to be dropping.

Lack of Customer Service

Responsiveness of current vendor is slow or too automated, and getting a rush order is difficult.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, you should consider switching to Swailes Background Check and Employment Screening.  We were founded on the principles of speed, cost efficiency and customer service.

Jennifer Swailes

Executive Vice President

For more than two decades, Jennifer has led the Background Division for Swailes & Company. Working closely with HR leadership and their teams, she has fostered trusted partnerships with organizations of all sizes, including small start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations.

“We take pride in delivering personalized services to each client and tailoring our solutions to meet their unique needs.”

Leadership Initiatives

The Swailes Background team is focused on fast pre-employment screening and uses client-specific heat maps to effectively monitor turnaround times and to streamline processes. Every client also benefits from access to a secure portal, ensuring seamless ordering, customization, and retrieval of pre-employment screening reports. Accessible round-the-clock from any location and device, the client portal ensures ease of access and timely reporting.

Hear it from a trusted leader

“For over 20 years, Children’s Museum of Houston has trusted Swailes to ensure the safety of our visitors, volunteers, and staff.  Their experience and quick response are invaluable.”

Executive Director

Why leading organizations switch to Swailes Background Check

Faster Turnaround Times – Average 2.4 days​
Cost Effective – Unnecessary searches not performed!​
Main point of contact is a Texas-based Swailes Account Manager​
Accurate results and easy to read reports
User friendly, secure 24/7 website
Interface with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
No Sign-up Fees or Minimum employment screening requirements
A unique understanding and alignment with HR professionals
Instant Background Check

This quickly gives you:

  • Instant check of an applicant’s
    identity – background check & associated costs are stopped if no match
  • Instant check to verify the accuracy of data entered
  • Instant return to verify applicable jurisdictions to be searched
Criminal Check

Experts on what to search and report

  • Fast turnaround on criminal check records at the county, state and
    federal levels
  • International employment screening in all legal jurisdictions
  • Strict adherence to federal & state
    laws and regulations

Highly experienced team that delivers:

  • Employment & Education verifications
  • Drug testing
  • Federal Watch List Alerts
  • Customized Verification, such as Licensing & Professional Certifications, Business Affiliations, Civil Records and Reference Checks

What differentiates Swailes Background Check?

“What sets us apart from “background mills” is our unwavering belief in putting clients first. As a family-owned business based in Houston, every client is our most valued partner. Unlike the background mills, we provide the same level of dedication and personalized attention to everyone, whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation. We understand the importance of genuine relationships and are committed to nurturing connections that go beyond mere transactions.” – Jennifer Swailes

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