Ban the Box in Texas? You Better Saddle Up

While Ban the Box legislation isn’t new, the sentiment continues to gain momentum. For those not aware of the term “Ban the Box”, it is an effort to limit questions about a person’s criminal history during the hiring process. While there has been a peppering of state, local and federal laws throughout the country, Texas […]

Will Court Closures During Covid-19 Stall Background Checks? Maybe Not

When articles like the one below announce courthouse closures, or rather re-closures at this point, companies may worry their background checks will be negatively impacted. Will results slow to a snail’s pace? Losing a great candidate to a competitor is a concern, and this is likely to happen if background checks are unable to be […]


Virtual Hiring? 6 Ways to Up Your Game

Welcome to our new world! It’s full of change and there’s no road map or user’s manual to reference. We’re all figuring it out as we go. A company’s hiring process, especially for remote positions, is one area that has experienced a significant amount of change. Changes include new methods of posting jobs, assessing skill […]


How to Avoid Losing Your Job While Trying to Hire

Hiring the best suited candidate for the position is the goal, but the steps you take to reach that goal matter.  Companies who utilize hiring assessments, and view them as useful tools in their selection process, may in fact be using risky screening methods that can land them in hot water. Ensuring assessments are non-discriminatory […]


The Rise of Workplace Violence During Covid-19 – What’s Your Plan?

Feeling safe is something that is often taken for granted, until it suddenly wavers. We feel the impact of this relentless virus in public spaces, our homes and places of employment. It has become more vital than ever for hiring professionals to not only recognize workplace threats being fueled by the pandemic, but become proactive […]


My Employees are Returning! Whoa, Not So Fast

So it’s time to start rehiring and you’ve given the green light to furloughed workers, those who have been laid off and possibly new employees. While it might feel good giving the green light, it’s probably wise to pump the brakes and make sure you’ve covered all your bases when bringing people back to the […]