Starting a Background Check Program - First Things First

Why is a Background Check Needed?

Why Swailes Background Check?

Current estimates suggest roughly 30% of workers have a criminal
history, but some organizations have even higher percentages in
their candidate pool. Your industry, the location of your operations
and your hiring practices can change the percentages in both directions.

Where do you start?

Determine what is acceptable in your workforce and what is appropriate for the specific job.  For example, you may be in financial services or operate in a highly-regulated industry, which often mandates employment screening.  On the other hand, you may be in a business segment without specific standards, but you should at least consider verifying identity and conducting a criminal check.  Other roles may require a more comprehensive background check or employment screening, such as a senior manager or company officer.  While a balanced approach allows you to have fair hiring practices, you should always at a minimum verify who you are hiring.

What's next?

Contact us and we'll help you establish a consistent, cost-effective background check program that protects your employees and your reputation.

You really should know who you're hiring.  A workforce that has been screened provides a more stable workplace, and gives assurance to your customers as well as your other employees.  We give you:

    • Complete FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliance
    • Compliant with other federal and State-by-State regulations
    • Fast Turnaround times
    • Low Cost packages
    • 24/7 Online access
    • Order entry by you or your staff
    • Applicant self-entry, if desired
    • No set up fees, no annual fees, no minimum orders

Benefits to Starting a Background Check Program

New Background Check

Gain your Customer's Confidence

Verify Who you're Hiring

Limit your Company's Legal Liability

Differentiate yourself from the Competition

Increase Workforce Stability

Meet Compliance Mandates

Know who you're hiring

We have extensive experience establishing new background check and employment screening programs, walking you easily through the HR-related processes and regulations.  We've heard just about every question, so we've got lots of answers.  Contact us today to discuss your background check program.