Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How quickly can you turnaround a background check or employment screening?

While most backgrounds are complete in 24-48 hours, some results are actually instant. Our system-wide metrics currently show 2.4 days on average for completion. As soon as an applicant's background check is complete, an automatic email is sent to your designated HR team member(s).

What is the "typical" cost for a background check?

We offer basic package pricing which ranges from $12 - $84 based on volume and the type of background check or employment screening the customer needs; however the average cost is $39.

Who provides your customer support?

When a new customer is established at Swailes Backgrounds, an account manager is immediately designated. Our account manager employees are located in Houston, Texas, and as part of a family-operated enterprise, we treat each of our customers as partners.

Can you handle large volume accounts?

Yes. We may be small compared to the big employment screening companies, but our size allows us the flexibility to customize our solutions and deliver high-value performance to our customers. We've represented fast growing, publicly traded companies and performed above expectations by customizing our weekly reporting to HR leaders on our turnaround times, costs and other key performance indicators (KPIs). We also utilize internal heat maps, week-over-week trending data and daily performance metrics to drive execution for each customer.

If my Human Resources team has a special applicant to on-board or a situation requiring an expedited employment screening, what can you do?

Your Swailes Background Check account manager is your partner and advocate, especially when you must have a "rush" background or employment screening. The applicant's information can be entered in real-time by the account manager's team with instant screen results provided to you. Remaining searches will be given the highest priority for completion and immediate reporting of results.

Do you have all the FCRA forms and requirements for my team to use?

Yes. We stay current on both State & Federal requirements and keep you informed about changes. In addition to having all of the required forms, we will help you and your legal team navigate the nuances of compliance in hiring and pre-employment background check.

Do you support Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)?

Yes. We have integrated ATS into a number of systems and can work with your HR, IT and Legal teams on a customized package. For further information you can shoot us a note Here

Can you process my new hires by having them give you their information for employee screening purposes?

Yes. We will customize an application portal with your company's logo and branding for your applicant to use. Your applicant will be sent an email from us with secure log-in details and information. This will start the screening process and results will be provided to you.

What is workforce monitoring?

Good question, as more companies are using this as a best practice. An employee may pass a background check or employment screening prior to employment, but they could have a criminal conviction during employment. And, often times convictions result in probation, which you may never detect since the employee continues to work. Workforce monitoring is a periodic criminal conviction check which is automatically performed on a scheduled basis. A workforce monitoring program allows you to proactively vet your workforce and at the same time enhance community and customer confidence.

Still have Questions?

We have the answers. After 25 years, we've provided valuable solutions to HR professionals in small companies and multi-national organizations. Also, If your Labor & Employment, Compliance or General Counsel have questions, feel free to give them our contact information. The sooner you get started with us, the sooner you can gain the benefits of a well-rounded, compliant background check and employment screening program. Let's discuss how we can deliver faster results and a better partnership.