A sign on a post that says Second Chance

Background Checks and Second Chances

As Houstonians our company has experienced the power of unity in a city where hardships are known to hit. Living through catastrophic hurricanes and surviving in an economy that is impacted by the boom and bust nature of the oil industry is normal. So is the act of coming together in our city when these types of challenges arise. Recent events have left many without work, and despite the complexities of the economy we’re all experiencing, people need to feel valued and earn a living. It is therefore important that people can follow the path to gainful employment without their past creating roadblocks to them applying. Discussing second chance hiring may seem to fly in the face of what we do as a background check provider who performs criminal searches. In actuality, it doesn’t.

Conducting background checks is about ensuring you know who you are hiring with the intent to include candidates, not exclude them. That being said, it’s critical you partner with a vendor that will provide you with information you can trust. It’s also important to verify that an applicant has accurately depicted their dates of attendance and/or degree(s), as well as their employment history. If a background check reveals a less-than-perfect criminal history, a growing number of businesses offer second chance hiring opportunities. Considering justice-involved candidates for eligible positions is one way we can come together while rebuilding our economy and progressing as a society.

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