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In God We Trust – Everyone Else Gets Backgrounded

When it comes to landing a job it’s often “who you know” instead of “what you know” right? This is especially true when you’re talking about C-Suite and management positions. It’s not uncommon for new hires that have been “vouched for” to side step normal hiring procedures, including a thorough employment screening. This type of […]


Volunteers – Is Screening Really Necessary?

When building a volunteer crew, sometimes you need people immediately. However, it’s worth it spend a few extra minutes ensuring they’re properly screened. Keeping your employees, volunteers and beneficiaries safe is worthwhile. While most people dedicating their free time to help others are trustworthy, the alarming truth is non-profits, charities and churches are often targets […]


Speed Bumps In Your Backgrounds?

While our last post was geared towards helping you design role-specific background checks, here we thought we’d share what can create speed bumps for your background check program. Some slow-downs are unavoidable; however, many have work-around solutions that a knowledgeable background check vendor should have on hand. Here are a few explanations for slow turn-around […]

Will Court Closures During Covid-19 Stall Background Checks? Maybe Not

When articles like the one below announce courthouse closures, or rather re-closures at this point, companies may worry their background checks will be negatively impacted. Will results slow to a snail’s pace? Losing a great candidate to a competitor is a concern, and this is likely to happen if background checks are unable to be […]


Virtual Hiring? 6 Ways to Up Your Game

Welcome to our new world! It’s full of change and there’s no road map or user’s manual to reference. We’re all figuring it out as we go. A company’s hiring process, especially for remote positions, is one area that has experienced a significant amount of change. Changes include new methods of posting jobs, assessing skill […]

Help for Essential Worker Hiring

Background checks are crucial when hiring, even during a Pandemic, but first you need to find your candidates!  LinkedIn is contributing to this effort by offering free recruitment tools for the next 3 months to those searching for new hires & volunteers!  You can also do some things to speed up your background checks.  For […]