Volunteer Appreciation – Simple ideas!

Here’s a list of 10 easy and affordable ways to show your volunteers how much you appreciate them! 1.   Host an appreciation event. Consider a trip to a local attraction or something as simple as an ice cream social or picnic. Inviting the volunteers’ families is always part of the fun as well! 2.   Capture […]


Volunteers – Is Screening Really Necessary?

When building a volunteer crew, sometimes you need people immediately. However, it’s worth it spend a few extra minutes ensuring they’re properly screened. Keeping your employees, volunteers and beneficiaries safe is worthwhile. While most people dedicating their free time to help others are trustworthy, the alarming truth is non-profits, charities and churches are often targets […]


Is Your Vendor Putting You at Risk by Violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Vetting a vendor who performs background checks is important. This is particularly true when entering into a contractual agreement or being part of a buyout where a new company requires you to use their current vendor. Assuming the background check vendor is following FCRA regulations can be a mistake. To help protect your company, here […]


Top Four Things To Spot A Great Background Check Provider

Are all background check providers basically the same? Most people think so, but no, they’re not. The quality of information and service provided can actually be quite different. So, how do you spot a good one? Here are the top four things to look for! Customized Package – Many pre-employment screeners will prompt you to […]


What’s The Hold Up On Your Background Check? We’ll Tell You

One of the most frequently asked questions businesses have when it comes to background checks is, “How long will they take?” The answer is; it depends on a number of factors. And being aware of them helps a hiring employer have more realistic expectations when it comes to turnaround times. If your vendor hasn’t already […]


So Many Background Check Providers, So Little Time

There are a lot of background check companies out there. When you start digging into the details it can be confusing. Admittedly, it was a bit for us when we did a recent search of our competition, and this is our industry! Companies trying to decide which provider will be best suited to their needs, […]