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Understanding Ban The Box In Harris County Texas

As Fair Chance Hiring Laws continue to sweep through states in the country, the Lone Star State is no exception ...
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3 Hot-Button Employment Litigation Areas For 2022; Using AI Hiring Tools? Why You Need To Be More Careful Than Ever; & Here’s How Leading-Edge Companies Are Redesigning For Hybrid

In this week’s highlights we’ll cover:  3 hot-button employment litigation areas in 2022; why those using AI hiring tools need ...
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The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Background Checks

What is actually included in a pre-employment background check? A pre-employment background check is an essential piece of the hiring ...
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7 Staffing Trends To Watch In 2022, 5 Indicators Of Employee Resignation & Ways To Prevent It and Building The Perfect HR Professional

In this week’s highlights we’ll cover:  7 staffing trends to watch in 2022; 5 indicators of employee resignation & ways ...
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How Safe Is It To Hire Gig Workers For The Holidays?

What is the gig economy? The gig economy is a segment of the workforce comprised of individuals earning income by ...
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Truck-Driver-Turkey Shortage

Trucker Shortages & Supply Chain Issues – You Might Have To Eat A Different Bird For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with no turkey? It’s true; disrupted supply chains and a driver shortage mean some will have to prepare a ...
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