Person stacking blocks with images resembling people on them. Akin to what an HR person does in an organization.

HR’s Expanding Role – Contributing to the New Company Blueprint

It’s clear our workplaces have been thrown into uncharted territories in the past couple years, often filled with uncertainty, HR has become increasingly more important. Playing an integral part in managing human capital means they are in tune with both organizational, as well as employee needs; a list of needs which continues to grow as new concerns are added to the old. Creating a safe workplace is one of those needs that falls into both categories.

One that is being addressed by implementing new policies such as CDC guidelines/recommendations, but also by keeping current hiring policies like pre-employment background checks intact. HR’s role however, reaches way beyond employee safety. Their ever increasingly broad influence on the workplace blueprint places them in a unique position to help reshape an organization’s structure, develop new hiring policies and contribute to successful strategies for moving forward. The following article details ways that human resource professionals are making valuable contributions to the new architecture of their companies.

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