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Is an initial Background Check good enough to protect you?

In an effort to reduce risk in the workplace, some organizations choose to conduct periodic background checks on their workers. This means the pre-employment screening process doesn’t stop at the front door. It continues periodically throughout the term of employment.

Organizations that decide to conduct periodic background checks on employees often do so randomly, quarterly or on an annual basis. For instance, we have a client whose business is working with the public and at-risk persons; so they run annual background checks on all employees and volunteers. These checks always include searching criminal convictions and a nationwide sex offender list.

Finally, when conducting these types of backgrounds make sure you’re adhering to FCRA requirements and following EEOC guidance on the use of criminal records. State and local laws will be different depending on where you’re located so keep those in mind as well. As with an initial background at the time of hire, it is best practice to protect the information coming in and closely manage who receives it. This will help ensure the updates are handled appropriately and in compliance with privacy mandates.

While some companies may consider periodic background checks unnecessary, others have benefited greatly by receiving updates regarding any risks their employees might pose to their organization. If you decide to incorporate periodic background checks, ensure that you check with legal counsel in advance. You may find that you’re not alone. If you believe that a “one and done” background strategy leaves a huge gap in your workplace safety program, you’ll be joining many other forward-thinking leaders who have started periodic screening.

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