In God We Trust – Everyone Else Gets a Background Check

When it comes to getting a job, sometimes it’s more about who you’re connected to rather than what you know, right? This is especially true for high-level positions like C-Suite and management roles. It’s not uncommon for people who are recommended by someone else to skip the usual hiring steps, like a thorough background check. But this kind of loose hiring can be risky, especially since these positions often involve a lot of power and access in the company.

There are worries about what might happen if an unchecked candidate gets hired, but trouble can start even before that. If you offer someone a job and then change your mind, you could end up facing a lawsuit. That’s what happened with Citibank. They withdrew a job offer after someone blew the whistle and said the company had “circumvented its usual hiring process.” The whistleblower also said the person they offered the job to had just left their previous job “amidst potential controversy involving several sexual harassment complaints.” Citibank was sued by the whistleblower, who says they were punished for reporting the issue. It all started because an important hiring step was ignored.

Making sure all your candidates are checked properly, no matter who they know, will give you a clearer and fairer idea of who you’re hiring!

When your business seeks support in various crucial aspects like employment screening, criminal background checks, adherence to FCRA regulations, drug screening, verification of education and employment history, examination of driving records (MVR), credit assessments, or validation of social security numbers, reach out to the Swailes Background Team for prompt enrollment and comprehensive assistance.

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