Volunteer Appreciation – Simple ideas!

Here’s a list of 10 easy and affordable ways to show your volunteers how much you appreciate them!

1.   Host an appreciation event. Consider a trip to a local attraction or something as simple as

an ice cream social or picnic. Inviting the volunteers’ families is always part of the fun as well!

2.   Capture the moment. Have a photo booth at your volunteer appreciation event or even just taking photos to capture fun images of your volunteers celebrating.

3.   Post appreciation event photos on your website and social media. Publicly thanking your volunteers is always encouraging.                                  

4.   Share a gift of love. Ask those served by your nonprofit, such as kids or students, to make personal cards or gifts.

5.   Create a scrapbook. Have staff and clients write comments and quotes about the difference volunteers make. Print them and mail out or share them at a recognition event.

6.   Board member thank you call. A phone call from a Board member is always powerful.

7.   Gift card. If you can afford it, a small token can be very meaningful. In certain instances local businesses or Starbucks might be willing to donate some. It never hurts to ask!

8.   T-shirts. Get t-shirts made! It’s a nice thank you as well as free marketing for your organization!

9.   Volunteers’ Birthdays. Keep a list of birthdays and send them a card!

10. Handwritten Notes. Never underestimate the power of a simple handwritten thank you note. It never hurts to get other staff members and/or a board member’s signature as well.

Hopefully this list had some fresh ideas for you. Putting together a quality team of volunteers that you can trust and rely on can be challenging. Retaining them doesn’t have to be as well!  

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