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In God We Trust – Everyone Else Gets Backgrounded

When it comes to landing a job it’s often “who you know” instead of “what you know” right? This is especially true when you’re talking about C-Suite and management positions. It’s not uncommon for new hires that have been “vouched for” to side step normal hiring procedures, including a thorough employment screening. This type of loose hiring practice is dangerous, especially considering these are often positions of power and access within the company. In addition to concerns about incidents that may occur once an un-vetted candidate starts, trouble might begin before that. If you extend a non-contingent job offer to someone, and then change your mind, you could end up facing a lawsuit.

Such was the case when Citibank rescinded a job offer recently after a whistleblower came forward and claimed that management had  “circumvented its usual hiring process.” He also reported that the potential new hire they had extended the job offer to had resigned from his previous job just 2 days earlier “amidst potential controversy involving several sexual harassment complaints.” Compounding the issue, Citibank now finds itself being sued by the whistleblower who alleges he was retaliated against after making the report. This entire mess began with an important hiring procedure being ignored. Making sure all of your candidates are vetted, regardless of who they are or who they know, will help ensure you have a more accurate and unbiased picture of who you’re hiring!

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