In God We Trust – Everyone Else Gets Backgrounded

When it comes to landing a job it’s often “who you know” instead of “what you know” right? This is especially true when you’re talking about C-Suite and management positions. It’s not uncommon for new hires that have been “vouched for” to side step normal hiring procedures, including a thorough background check. This type of […]

You Assumed Your Employees Would Return…Will They?

The notion of sidelined employees anxiously awaiting the “return to work” announcement might have been an erroneous assumption by many companies. Home bound employees with a sudden glut of time on their hands, coupled with a feeling of disconnectedness, may have found themselves exploring greener pastures as they perused the internet. In the midst of […]


Your Workforce Should Look Different Post-Covid-19 – Here’s How to Adapt

It’s often said that change can be slow and painful. However, the current changes we are all experiencing have come swiftly, leaving many in a state of uncertainty. Any business solution that entails just putting the pieces back together will more than likely fail. In order to survive, companies are becoming creative. These companies understand […]


Welcome Back! Steps in Rehiring Your Workforce

You’re surviving the pandemic & your employees are starting to return to work! Before you slap down the “Welcome Back” mat it’s important to make sure you have all your ducks in a row, and this might entail more than you think.  Has rehire paperwork been updated & background checks, drug screens & I-9 checks […]


Virtual Career Fairs…HR’s Toolkit Grows

As a Hiring Professional if you hear the term “virtual career fair”, and several roadblocks immediately pop into your mind, you’re probably not alone. While there are some companies who are either currently or have recently begun using this technology, most haven’t considered adding this incredibly undervalued tool to their talent acquisition kit.   If […]

Coronavirus Hiring Strategies

Need Creative Hiring Solutions? Experts Share Some Novel Hiring Know-How

If you’re a company that needs to hire during these times of unprecedented quarantine, how do you do that?  With this question in mind, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) decided to hold its first Virtual Talent Conference. Their panel of HR leaders shared solutions that companies of all sizes can start implementing immediately.  […]