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Temporary Workers & Contractors – Great for Business If…

Utilizing interns, gig workers and independent contractors became a useful solution for many companies during the pandemic. Being able to pay people to only do the work you need them to can save you money. However, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the people working for your company, even if they’re not actually full-time employees. What’s their background? Were they honest on their resume? Do they have a criminal record that may preclude them from the position? (See our blog) You should also ensure you have the appropriate contract language if you’re using a vendor to provide contract personnel. That language should include a requirement for thorough employment screening, your minimum standards for workers & your audit rights for compliance. And speaking of audit rights, you should periodically exercise those to ensure your contract stipulations are being followed. Remember, you should inspect what you expect.

Taking these precautionary measures when you decide to engage a contractor will help mitigate risk while saving you money at the same time. This article describes ways that utilizing an internship program, for example, could be a cost-effective solution for your company!

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