The Art Of War – In The Trenches Of A Pandemic

We’re all feeling battle fatigue, and as the pandemic continues to adapt and march on, so must we! Hiring challenges aren’t going anywhere and knowing how to address them now, and after the Coronavirus, will be key to a company’s success. According to an article posted yesterday by a Forbes, Human Resources Council contributor, there are 5 solutions that hiring managers can start implementing today to meet these challenges. A few of these include:

  • Creating a Vision for Recruitment
  • Building a Diverse Workforce
  • Identifying Candidates With Learning Agility

Skilled vetting of your candidates should play an important part in your evolving hiring strategy. Utilizing background check information regarding someone’s education, employment, and any relevant criminal history, can all be useful in assessing an applicant’s fit. Keeping in mind, part of building a more diverse workforce means considering potential new hires that might be outside of your usual “box.” Research shows this leads to a more tolerant, creative and profitable workforce. Another important quality to look for in candidates is learning agility. This means finding employees who not only possess the skills needed for today, but also the ability to learn new skills down the road.

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