Virtual Hiring? 6 Ways to Up Your Game

Welcome to our new world! It’s full of change and there’s no road map or user’s manual to reference. We’re all figuring it out as we go. A company’s hiring process, especially for remote positions, is one area that has experienced a significant amount of change. Changes include new methods of posting jobs, assessing skill sets, interviewing and screening but sometimes these lead to an impersonal experience with applicants. Creating a more seamless process for those applying, as well as the professional hiring them, is part of the solution.

Establishing a well-defined process which includes applicant-centered technology and utilizes responsive vendors, such as your background check provider, will help ensure the hiring process is more efficiently facilitated. Your talent acquisition process should be fully streamlined, both internally and with your third party support vendors. Additionally partner with your background check vendor for automating the background check process which will reduce steps and turn-around time. Ensuring your virtual hiring upgrade includes an experienced, and responsive, background check vendor will improve the interaction you have with your top-talent candidates. It also provides a better representation of your company. The Forbes article below has 6 well-thought-out suggestions you can apply when hiring virtually!

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