My Employees are Returning! Whoa, Not So Fast

So it’s time to start rehiring and you’ve given the green light to furloughed workers, those who have been laid off and possibly new employees. While it might feel good giving the green light, it’s probably wise to pump the brakes and make sure you’ve covered all your bases when bringing people back to the workplace. Questioning whether or not returning employees require the same level of vetting as new hires is just one consideration. The usual steps in a company’s recruiting, hiring and on-boarding processes for new hires are now being resumed, but might need to be reexamined.  

Most companies haven’t had to rehire former employees and there are new considerations that should not be overlooked. Are there legal requirements to adhere to? Do background checks and drug tests need to be conducted? It’s important to keep in mind that background checks should cover the period since the previous background was performed. This not only covers the period of separation, but also the time of their previous employment with your company. While there are FCRA restrictions on the years reportable, request your vendor check the full legal period. Many other important considerations are discussed in this informative article to help ensure you’re implementing best practices as you bring valuable employees back to the workplace!

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